Friday, November 27th, 2015

Sober Living Blog

What Do Sober Living Homes Cost?

After covering the expense of alcohol or drug rehab, many people feel that they cannot afford to transition in a sober living home. However, sober living homes cost roughly the same amount—and sometimes even less—than you would spend on comparable accommodations and recovery treatment. By looking into your options for financing sober living homes, you may also find that your bottom line benefits... [Read more]

What is Life Like at Sober Living Homes?

Sober living environments allow you to continue your healing in a transitional dwelling as you gather strength, sober time, and healthy practices to make you able to deal with challenges and stressors when you return home. So, what is life like at sober living homes? Every sober living home is different—ranging from luxury recovery homes to county-funded halfway houses. However, with supportive recovery... [Read more]

Recovery Support Through Sober Living Homes

If you’ve struggled with your own drug or alcohol addiction, or that of a loved one, you may already know that there’s a significant difference between initiating sobriety and maintaining it. While successful drug or alcohol addiction recovery will eliminate not only the physical addiction, but also the core reasons for using or drinking, not every inpatient rehab program offers a cure.... [Read more]

What Are the Benefits of Sober Living Homes?

The benefits of sober living homes include the ability to practice sobriety, the safety and support of a dedicated sober atmosphere, and the assistance your need in rebuilding your life—and reinforcing positive habits—before your return home. In the haven of sober living environments, you can begin to gain strength while residing with those who share your desire for healthy interactions and positive... [Read more]

Selecting a Sober Living Home

Selecting a sober living home means focusing on two main components—the sober living environment’s ability to help foster your recovery and the lifestyle it provides. However, you’ll also want to ensure that your physical—and internal—needs are met as you venture into transitional healing in a sober living environment. By selecting a sober living home that offers personalized attention,... [Read more]